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Creative Waqf

Creative Waqf

The most important approach to advancing the developmental role in humanitarian philanthropy is to support endowment projects to achieve social advancement. The endowment project is characterized by continuous and sustained support, especially programs for the empowerment of orphans and their families.

The idea is to stop the money and not to stop something in itself (unless it is the donor). This money can therefore be used for a project or endowment projects that are paid to a certain category of beneficiaries – for example, orphans and their families. This project can have offices, houses or developmental projects that serve the widows and orphans.

It is possible to stop the amount to be provided for the benefit of the community, which can be translated into many programs and Waqf projects that benefit the members of the community; can also stop things in kind that are originally owned by Waqif. There will be working on the benefit of the amount suspended to get the greatest possible benefit to the community, which will return the benefit on the world and the Hereafter of the doner. Waqf charity is ongoing as long as it remains or remains its origin.



  • Achieve optimal investment of funds supporting orphans and widows. As long as possible.
  • Raising the awareness of the community to innovative and effective methods of alleviating the suffering of orphans and widows.



  • Contribute to alleviating the suffering of orphans and widows through a creative development project.
  • The Waqf project has two axes. The first focus is the funds that are suspended and are from individual donors or from several donors. The second axis is the banks to which the waqf returns.


The First Axis – Projects That Can Be Stopped

In the first axis, the concept of waqf adopts the possibility of buying non-conventional assets. The following is a set of examples:

  • Waqf restaurant or coffee shop: You can own restaurants or cafés.
  • Waqf taxi: Own taxis or rent cars to allocate endowments.
  • Waqf hotel rooms: have endowment rooms in hotels.
  • Waqf parkings: Own a parking lot with charge fees.
    So that the return of rents to serve the community through the creative endowment.


The Second Axis – Endowment Banks

The second axis adopts the concept of waqf not to adhere to the traditional banks to stop and focus on the development of the society. For example the endowment proceeds can be allocated to:

  • Research, Studies, Science, Technology and Innovation;
  • Awareness and community campaigns;
  • Training, capacity-building and skills development;
  • Scientific scholarships in one of the universities dedicated to outstanding orphans;
  • Supporting youth projects or good loans for small development projects;
  • Any other development area.